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Um Oh Ah Yeah
Saturday, 27 June 2015 • 20:05 • 0 comments

hi there.

uhm, actually this isn't my first time to blogging.
i start blogging was on 2011, and i'm used blogspot for my first blog domain. well, i started blogging that time bcs i saw my friend started a blog to. i'm a copycat, right? haha. actually, she was really helped me to build a beautiful blog, she helped me anything as she can help.

i just did a hiatus for very very long time to blogging. i didn't know why, but i just felt very lazy to wrote some posts and fix my really-messy-blog. i hope this is my last blog. please, i'm too tired for create-delete my blog.

well, this is my first time to use english on my post. i just want to know my limit on english, and, yea, i'm not good enough to use english. buuuuttt, i'll try as hard as i can. maybe this blog will be my first billingual blog bcs i use two languages here, english and bahasa, kwkw.


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